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How the Aging Brain Affects Speech
Understanding in Noisy Places
auditory processing that
Corvallis Hearing Center
is sent to the aging brain
In recent years the focus that may jumble the order
on hearing health care has of the imperfectly heard
message (due to auditory
shifted from the ears to
sequencing problems)
the brain. One need only
making it difficult to create
Google hearing loss and
the requisite internal
cognition to find dozens
auditory loop that we use
of articles in medical
to comprehend auditory
and hearing health care
and visual information.
journals in the past few
This internal auditory
loop is further damaged
Of particular interest is a by reduced short term
recent article published in memory. As such, certain
Ear and Hearing February portions the message are
2019 issue by renowned
damaged by the hearing
Swedish and U.S.
loss, additional portions
researchers Danielsson,
lost due to slow processing
Humes and Ronnberg who of rapid speech, additional
parts jumbled in order and
looked at the changes in
the aging brain that affect missing portions cannot be
accurately reconstructed to
speech understanding.
due to limitations in short
Reviewing 213 patients
term memory.
ages 18 to 86, these
From the above
researchers showed
degradation in hearing and discussion the important
question is “What can be
deceleration in the speed
of cognitive processing
By Dr. Ron Leavitt, Audiologist

and music
performance and
cognitive exercise
(which also requires
properly corrected
Further, there
is hope on the
horizon as a new
noninvasive cognitive
treatment for shortterm memory has
been independently
described by
two different groups
of researchers at
Boston University and
Northwestern University
Feinberg Medical School.
Specifically, both groups
report that when they
used electrical/magnetic
currents targeted at
specific areas of the brain,
older people were able to
carry out working memory
tasks with an accuracy
comparable with people in
their 20s.

Dr. Ron Leavitt
cognitive exercises and
stay tuned for more
information on the brain
stimulation/short term
memory treatments as
described by the two
independent groups of

Those interested in more
information on this topic
should attend the July
11th, 2019 meeting of the
Oregon Association for
Hearing held at Corvallis
Good Samaritan Hospital
were a near certainty as we
First, it is essential to
from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in
age. Other highly likely
address impaired hearing
To summarize the
Conference Room A.
cognitive changes included with appropriately
appropriate treatment
The public is invited,
poor auditory sequencing programmed hearing aids
intervention, first evaluate/ there is no charge, no
and impaired short-term
so that significant portions correct hearing loss with
personal information is
of the speech signal are
properly programmed
solicited, there are no
not lost.
hearing aids, keep the
In short, impaired
sales and complimentary
hearing creates an
It is equally important to brain active through
refreshments are served.
imperfect message
keep the aging brain active socialization, music
For further information
call 541-754-1377.
hampered by slow
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