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How do you price shop a funeral home? Just like any other transaction we encourage families to price shop and interview the funeral home they are going to be working with. This is especially important to do even if the death was unexpected. The reason is this: you want to ensure that you are comfortable working with the people that you are entrusting your loved one to and you want to have the transaction be affordable with no surprises. Per the Federal Trade Commission funeral homes are required to give you pricing over the phone. However, there may be charges the funeral home bills you for at the time of the arrangement conference that may come up based on requests you may have. For example, some funeral homes will charge extra money for the cremation if your loved one is bariatric or perhaps has a pace maker that needs to be removed. They may charge extra if you ask them to take a clipping of hair or fingerprints or to even separate ashes into different portions. While other funeral homes would include this is their flat rate. We suggest that in addition to calling the funeral home for pricing you should check their website to see if they put the General Price List online, if they do not, you can pick one up at their office or kindly ask for them to email you a copy. This way you can review the fees, but also any other things that may be added on to your statement of goods and services. At Weddle Funeral Service Lebanon we keep the financial process simple for families and try to eliminate several of those add on fees. Weddle Funeral Service Lebanon does not charge to remove a pacemaker or take fingerprints. We also assist in placing obituaries in papers and online for no additional cost. We also will help with any veteran related forms. Some low cost providers will charge you extra for these services, but we do not because we believe they are necessary and helpful to the many families we serve. We also use a courier system to speed up the process of filing death certificates which means that your loved ones will get them quicker and can take care of financial matters much sooner. Again, some low cost providers will use the mail system which can take much longer. There is a difference between funeral service providers; we pride ourselves on giving the most assistance for a reasonable fee of $665 for a direct cremation. Written by Natasha Steele, owner This facility is not financed or connected in any manner with any government agency or veteran’s or other organization. Give us a call anytime or visit our website at

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