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Pre-planning For End of Life Recently I read an article about an online funeral home that a former Nike executive just opened. It’s been a “hot topic” in our industry for several reasons. One of the biggest is that families have no face to face contact with a funeral director, all paperwork is done through an online portal and you receive the ashes in the mail. It’s something similar to Amazon but for death care. Several people in our industry have been debating whether this is a good thing that propels our industry into the next century or a bad thing because it takes away that personal touch. I think it’s important to mention that the funeral home in question is not low cost; the cost is about on point with many other providers out there or more. Keep in mind; it’s saving the company money by providing less staff by using Self-Service Technologies (SST’s). I have found over the years that most people hate coming into the funeral home, but after they do, they generally feel relieved that someone is helping them navigate through a complex situation, something that really can’t be done online. This is actually proven not by me, but through Harvard Business Review. They conducted a study which concluded that transactions which can be deemed as “anxiety producing” (which lets agree funeral arrangements are) that working with someone in person actually reduces anxiety. The study also concluded that customer satisfaction was drastically higher for the customer when they worked with someone in person. Funeral arranging is a daunting and highly personalized task. At Weddle Funeral Service Lebanon we walk families through the process and keep transparent pricing that we post on our website. Our simple cremation starts at $665 and we will guide you through the process. Families can even call us in advance to preplan their arrangements. Written by Natasha Steele, owner This facility is not financed or connected in any manner with any government agency or veteran’s or other organization. Visit our website at or call 503-769-2423. We are located at 31 E. Ash St. Lebanon.

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