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Dog bites can be devastating injuries and can also mean
serious consequences for the dog.

Preventing Dog Bites at Home

1. Carefully consider your dog
selection. A puppy is a big
commitment, not an impulse
2. Socialize your puppy.
Gradual exposure to other
pets, people and places
increases confidence and
3. Wait until your child is older.
Dog bites tend to happen to
younger children. Consider
waiting until your child is at
least 4 years old before getting
a dog. Never leave a baby or
child alone with a dog.
4. Train your dog. Teach your
dog basic commands like “sit”,
“stay”, and “come.”Your dog
will have good manners, and it
is a great way to bond.

dog. Dogs are social animals
and when left alone they are
more likely to develop behavior

8. Be alert and know your
dog. Watch for signs of
illness, or that your dog
is uncomfortable. These
situations can lead to
Preventing Dog Bites from
Dogs Unknown to You
1. Don’t run past a dog. Dogs
like to chase, don’t give them
a reason to become excited or

3. If a dog approaches you
stay still and let him/her
sniff you. Most of the time,
a dog will leave you alone
once they realize you are not
a threat.

4. If you are threatened by a
dog stay calm. Don’t scream,
avoid eye contact, and stay
still or slowly back away. Do
not turn and run.

I’m Joey, a 3-month-old
neutered male Angora. My
brothers and I are becoming
very social and friendly, come
meet with me today and
make me your house bunny!

5. If you fall or are knocked
down, curl into a ball. Cover
your head and neck and
protect your face.

2. Never disturb a dog that is
caring for puppies, sleeping
or eating.

5. Keep your dog healthy.
Vaccinate your dog against
rabies and other diseases.
Healthy dogs are happy
dogs. How a dog feels is
directly related to how he/she
6. Spay or Neuter! Spayed and
neutered dogs are three times
less likely to bite.
7. Be a responsible pet owner.
Obey leash laws and licensing
laws. Spend time with your

I’m Anri, a gorgeous longhair
spayed female cat. I am
looking for a special person
to love, please add me to
your family!


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