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My house is on the market and needs a new roof.
What should I consider when choosing a new roof ?

Roofing Contractor

Lisa Sprick

A common mistake I see by sellers is to solely consider function (usually
the cheapest to get by with), without regard to aesthetics — and thereby
negatively impacting the home’s curb appeal and narrowing the pool of
potential buyers. Look at your home from a distance and evaluate the
ratio between the roof and the house. The steeper the roof, the more
it affects the overall look of the home, so choosing the right material
becomes increasingly important. Certain home styles beg for particular
types of roofing, such as a Tudor style with shakes or tile, while others
with a simple house body could be jazzed up with a patterned roof.
There are a variety of composition shingles now that mock the look of
shakes, tile and slate—so a specialty look can be accomplished to suit
most budgets. Something to also consider is setting aside money for the
new roof as part of the sale, so the buyer can then decide the style and
color to their liking.
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