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Currently my house has no attic ventilation. Should this be considered
when the house is re-roofed?

Roofing Contractor

Lisa Sprick

Absolutely, and your roofing contractor should automatically assess it
as part of the estimation process. Adequate ventilation is an important
step in the roofing process, but one that is often overlooked. Not only are
there building code requirements, but with today’s airtight homes attic
ventilation is essential to reduce heat and moisture build up which will
eventually seep into the living spaces of the home. Proper venting can
reduce energy costs, mold and mildew growth, increase the efficiency
of the insulation and reduce premature aging of the roofing material.
Also, most roofing manufacturers require proper attic ventilation as a
condition of the warranty’s validity.
There are a variety of venting options to suit your home’s style and
construction, so be sure to protect your investment and inquire which
will best meet your needs.
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