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During a recent downpour, our new roof leaked even
though it’s rained several times since it was installed
and kept us dry. Did our new roof fail?

Roofing Contractor

Lisa Sprick

It’s not unusual when the sky dumps sheets of rain in a short period of
time, gutters and drains become overwhelmed and cannot empty out fast
enough. You may also see this happen in city streets that flood when the
storm drains fill up quickly.
Steep sloped roofs are water-shedding not waterproof so the layers of
roofing are vulnerable to water intrusion with wind driven rain and/or
large amounts of rain which can back up at valleys and roof penetrations
if drainage isn’t swift enough. Even low sloped roofs that are designed to
be waterproof can become virtual swimming pools when the scuppers and
drains are filled beyond their capacity. When this happens, water can rise
past the clearance heights the flashings were designed for.
The good news is these types of weather conditions are occasional and in
most cases not an indication of a failed roof system.
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