Details for LE Pub Statement

Publication number USPS 308-380 personnel Les Gehrett editor Periodicals postage paid at Lebanon, OR 97355 subsCrIptIon InformatIon POSTMASTER: Send address changes to (All mail rates are payable in advance) 52 weeks in county $52.00 Lebanon Express, 26 weeks in county $30.00 90 East Grant St., Lebanon, OR 52 weeks outside county $57.00 97355-0459 26 weeks outside county $42.25 Customer InformatIon Single-copy rate $1.00 Published weekly on Wednesdays by Lee Enterprises, Inc. advertIsIng oWnershIp All advertising copy and illustrations Official Newspaper of City of prepared by the Lebanon Express become Lebanon and Linn County, Oregon the property of the Lebanon Express and may not be reproduced for any other use offICe address without explicit prior approval. 90 East Grant St. maIlIng address 90 East Grant St., Lebanon, OR 97355-0459 e-maIl address reCyClIng The Lebanon Express is printed on recycled newsprint. World WIde Web address membershIps Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce telephone Office FAX CopyrIght @Entire contents Copyright 2018 by the Lebanon Express numbers (541) 812-6115 (541) 259-3569

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