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Sunday,, June 9, 2019 Sunday Congratulations CLASS ASS of 2019 Graduation, a time of reflection... As you entered kindergarten, your goals were lofty ones — to learn to read, to get along with others, to be promoted to first grade. From those early years, to middle and then high school, your goals became even loftier — to pass state tests, to get your driver’s license, and then, before you know it, senior pictures, prom and finally, graduation. Reflecting on those years gone by, you smile at your accomplishments, you laugh at the stories told, you recall those moments that defined you as a person. As you grew, your life changed, your goals changed, your world changed, sometimes leaving you yearning for those easier days when the most important thing was what was for lunch or who you were going to spend recess with. Now, as you graduate, you look back at those 13 years that helped make you the person you are, and you smile. All of those times, all of those friends, all of the world you have known, is now changing yet again. While you might lose touch with those you have grown up with, they will always be a part of your life. Because of the lessons you learned with them, you are prepared to become an adult — to grow, to thrive, to learn, to change all over again. Best wishes as you continue your journey. MIDVALLEY NEWS STAFF PHOTOS OF SOME 2018 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATIONS

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