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It pays to be

energy effIcIent
the day (leave curtains open to allow
the sun to heat rooms as well) and
65° at night or when you’re away. And
leave the t-shirts ’til summer—put on
a sweater!

Here are the top three ways to keep
your home warm and cozy all while
reducing your energy consumption
footprint and saving a few dollars.

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Keep tabs on the temperature
If you don’t already have one,
purchase and install a programmable
thermostat for your furnace or for the
rooms that are heated with electric
baseboard heaters. Program it, or
them, to heat your home to 68° during

Ditch the drafts
If you can’t invest right now in an
expert analysis on energy leakages
in your home, do your own walkabout
and take note of drafty windows,
doors, and vents. Repair any old
weather-stripping around them or
install it new where drafts have
appeared. When you’re at home
and heating the house to 68°, close
the doors and heating vents into
rooms and other spaces that you’re
not using and that don’t need to be
Lose your old lighting habits
Whenever one of your old
incandescent bulbs burns out,
replace it with an energy efficient
compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) or
LED light. Get into the habit of turning
out the lights when you leave a room.
A small LED nightlight is a great
way to keep hallways and kitchens
glowing when you still want a cozy
light on elsewhere in the house.

Can solar panels increase
your home’s value?

You’ve probably heard solar panels
can reduce your electricity bill and
lead to major savings over time, but
can they also increase your home’s
resale value? Over the last few
years, researchers have discovered
that in fact, they do.
While installing solar
panels may seem like
a costly investment,
a recent study by the
National Laboratory (the
Berkeley Lab) found that
Americans are willing to
pay more for homes that
have solar photovoltaic
systems. The
study estimates that
buyers typically pay
about four dollars per
watt of solar power
installed, meaning that
a five-kilowatt system
can lead to an added
value of $20,000. Even
given the costs of solar
panel installation, the

study suggests homeowners end
up making money when selling their
Overall, real estate experts are finding
that in an era when homebuyers are
looking to go green, investing in solar
panels is likely to make your home
more valuable.

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