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Lucky You! Tempur-Pedic Close-Out Models At SAVINGS Up to 50% TEMPUR-PEDIC is the most highly recommended bed in America. 95% of TEMPUR-PEDIC owners would recommend their mattress. There’s Nothing like it… your sleep will be easier, deeper, faster & cooler. Queen size Floor Model Close-out on ♦ Tempur-Cloud Lux Breeze ♦ Tempur-Choice Supreme ♦ Tempur-Flex Supreme ♦ Tempur-Cloud Supreme All disContinued in stoCk MAttresses sAvings uP to 50% Your Home, Your Style, Your Way! Monday - Saturday : 9:30 am - 5:30 pm • Sunday - Noon to 5:00 pm Power AdjustAble bAses Close-out You’ll wonder how you ever slept on a flat mattress! Power lifestyle bases give you 0 gravity or more or less head & foot adjustments to your preference. It’s the ultimate sleep experience. All disContinued in stoCk bAses sAvings uP to 50% CoMPlete Your QuAlitY sleeP exPerienCe with teMPur-PediC Pillows Everybody has different pillow needs. That’s why we have pillows in different heights & comforts to adapt to your head, neck & shoulders. All disContinued in stoCk Pillows sAvings uP to 50%

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