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KBVR TV is Oregon State’s student-run television station. Airing student-made content
24/7, the station can be viewed on Channel 26 or on-demand at

Looking Forward
BY Austin Kuns
KBVR TV Summer Station Manager

As we wrap up hiring for the 2019 summer and the
2019-2020 academic year KBVR TV is excitedly looking
forward to another year of excellent student-made content. Producerships are still being finalized, but our new
managers have been selected and are in the starting gates
waiting for their chances to lead KBVR TV into the future.
For the summer term, we have selected Austin Kuns (who,
for transparency, is writing this article), a recent addition
to the KBVR TV team with intentions to stay with us for a
long while. For the academic year, KBVR TV has selected Rob Jones, former producer of The Challenger and a
skilled veteran. Both managers are finalizing their teams
for their upcoming terms of leadership, and both are very
excited about their prospects.
Rob Jones, Incoming KBVR TV Academic Year Station Manager
At the Time of Writing, we are in week 8 of Oregon
State’s spring term and we’re looking down at the home stretch. However, just because we’re near the end
doesn’t mean we here at KBVR TV have any plans of coasting to the finish line. In these final weeks, we
still have plenty of ambitious shows to make. After all, we have an audience to satisfy.
Tournament Arc: An Oregon State Anime show has
had an interesting run. We have seen diverse topics, engaging sets, costumes, dramatic poses, expert guests, three
different hosts, comedic packages, and a very funky trial
featuring the ever-competitive producers of Tournament
Arc and The Challenger, Will Rosch and Rob Jones. It’s
been a thrilling ride, and the big spring season finale is sure
to be an epic finish for our crazy tournament.
Locals Live has seen a continuation of everything
that makes it fantastic, with even more of it. Locals continues week after week to deliver incredible local talent with
auditorily beautiful and visually stunning performances,
and that is not about to stop. Locals will have two more
episodes this season, including a special field-produced episode to be shot outside of the studio.
Austin Kuns, Incoming KBVR TV Summer Staion Manager
You thought it was gone but The Challenger will be
making one more appearence this spring with the incoming Summer Station Manager Austin Kuns producing a one-time action-adventure episode of The Challenger this week (week 8) as a revival for the
show he trained on. This will be a one-episode special production, but by no account does that mean that
The Challenger will be gone forever. We never say “goodbye” here at KBVR TV, only “see you later”.
As the incoming manager for KBVR TV, I cannot properly express my excitement. I only hope that our
loyal audience is as pumped as I am for our next round. See you soon everyone.


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