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What are DJs playing at KBVR FM?
Take a look into the top music our DJs are playing at
the station


KBVR-FM Station Mananger

Every week, our DJs play great music
for our dedicated listeners at the station. But what music have our DJs been
loving the past few weeks? We take a
peek at what music our DJs have been
playing the most.
1. Lose my Cool by Amber Mark
Amber Mark is clearly an artist to
watch in the next few years. Her beautiful mix of pop and R&B brings a fresh
take on the genre. She recently released
a new EP called Conexão and is working on a new album.
2. Fallingwater by Maggie Rogers
Rogers released her debut album this
year, Heard It In a Past Life. This album
is very dreamy, evoking the likes of The
Aces, Betty Who and HAIM.
3. Just Too Much by The Decadence

Hands and Ameer
So Long Stella, the 2013 album by The
Decadence, is a pop rock album heavily
influenced by country music in Nashville, Tenn, where the band is from. The
band Focuses on heavy-hitting hooks
and a great sound that will stay in your
head for hours.
4. Not My Baby by Alvvays
A well-known fact among DJs at KBVR
FM, but this song was the most played
song at the station in 2018. Alvvays is a
favorite among our DJ corps, with their
dream pop vibes and sound similar to
Tennis and Soccer Mommy. Alvvays is
always a treat to listen to.
5. Ventura Highway by America
The 70s folk sensation known as America graces the airwaves of KBVR FM.
You may know them by their top hit,
A Horse With No Name. Their music
evokes a vision of America that will

forever define what it means to be an
6. R U Mine by the Arctic Monkeys
From their 2013 album AM, R U Mine is
an anthem of indie rock. Alex Turner’s
voice is undeniably unique and recognizable and defines the genre.
7. Black Sun by Death Cab For Cutie
Another definitive indie band, Death
Cab for Cutie brings their smooth, melodic tones to the front with Black Sun
from their 2015 album, Kintsugi. Their
latest album, Thank You For Today,
came out last August and represents
the latest in their foray of dreamy, relaxing rock music.
8. Between Us by Mons La Hire
A local favorite at the station, Mons La
Hire’s latest EP, Kind of Neutral, Kind

of Blue is a great culmination of the
band’s work up to this point. With great
vocals, wonderful guitar riffs and a
relaxing vibe, what’s more to love? You
can check out the full review of their
EP on our blog, The Cassette.
9. Daisy by Pond
Australia’s Pond brings out the glam
pop with their new song Daisy. Their
previous album, The Weather, shows
the extent of their willingness to experiment with sound to create wonderful
songs that spark your imagination.
10. Inside Out by Spoon
Spoon brings punk and classic rock
to the main stage. Inside out is one of
their most popular songs, and is the
kind of song you play late at night on a
road trip. This song is a great example
of the variety that Spoon can bring to
the table with their music.


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