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Prism is Oregon State University’s art & literary journal. We publish student work in print issues
as well as online content on our Backmatter blog and the “Beyond the Page” podcast.

A Bright, Creative Future
New annual production schedule will allow for more student creativity

“Oregon Beauty”
Photography by Yuheng Zhao, featured in “Reflect,” Volume 138 of Prism.

My last term as editor of Prism is already
incredibly bittersweet.
While I’ve held a variety of exciting
and creative positions at Orange Media
Network, leading the Prism team has been
one of the greatest experiences of my life.
I am definitely sad to leave, but also so
excited for the next person to enjoy the
position and make a difference on Oregon
State University’s campus, especially
considering the new opportunities the
editorial team will have.
The publication has typically released
three editions a year on a ten-week
production cycle, starting with gathering
submissions in the first three weeks and
ending with a launch event to celebrate the
students featured in the edition at the end
of the academic term.
Next year, there will be new challenges
presented to the students who participate
in Prism’s legacy. This system will be
completely changed as Prism will produce
one edition toward the end of the year.
While a page count for this edition is
not yet determined, we are planning on
approximately one hundred pages.
This change feels dramatic, but it also
opens many windows of opportunity for
Prism. Instead of three weeks to collect
submissions, the next editorial team
will have three months. The editors and
volunteers will be able to visit different
classes and organizations on campus
to share about Prism and request
submissions from students of all majors
and backgrounds.
While there won’t be a new edition every
term, Prism will still be hosting events three
times a year. These events will likely be
more community focused, perhaps even
partnered with other artistic organizations
both on and off OSU’s campus.
In addition, Prism will focus on expanding
our digital presence. With consistent
videos, blog posts and podcast episodes,
our OSU and Corvallis community can
expect Prism to be a resource for creative
entertainment and information. The digital
focus will also give Prism’s wonderful
volunteers more opportunities for career
development, creativity and fun.
Lastly, the next print edition itself will
be possibly the highest quality it’s ever
been. Our submission pool will be larger,
our review committee devoted and our
production process lengthened. With
more pages and time, Prism will be able
to compete with renowned college literary
journals across the country.
I hope that both OSU and Corvallis are
excited about what is to come at Prism. I
can see our publication being a home for
anyone who is passionate about creativity,
regardless of their position in life. I can’t
wait to see all the amazing student created
work both inside and outside of the pages.
Thank you to everyone who has been
involved with our fantastic year, and I hope
to see you again as we head into the future.


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