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Meet tHAI

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Senior Pet Care
In my last copy of Senior Dog Rescue
reporting I wrote about possible health
issues that may affect older dogs, with
arthritis being one. Aside from using
a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for
treatment, keeping weight off the pup
is a must.Therein lies one of the joys of
owning a senior dog, taking the furry
creature for long walks. Obviously
this not only benefits the pup but the
owner as well since exercise is good for
all. Even when the weather is chilly
with some rain, go ahead and hit the
bricks. That said, pay attention to your
four legged friend so as to not overdue
it, causing exacerbation of any arthritic
issues. So, enjoy the New Year with
your pal with long walks benefitting
both of you. To get a head start, visit
Petco Senior Dog Adoption Day,
Saturday January 5, 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Thai is an
striking mixed
breed dog
with a regal
She is
8.5 years old,
in good health,
83 lbs. Thai’s
personality is low-key. She is
affectionate and people-oriented,
but does not demand attention. See
Thai’s full profile at: www.petfinder.

Meet WYLIe

If you would like
more information or
to adopt any of the
animals featured in
today’s All About
Pets please call

PO Box 1051 Philomath, OR 97370


My name is
Wylie and I’m a
purebred Yorkie.
I am a spunky
10 year old. I
was raised on
a farm with my
brothers and
sisters. Now
that I’m living in a home, I’m quiet and
calm and get along with the other small
dogs. See Wylie’s full profile at: www.

I am Sophie and I’d
like to tell my story.
My foster adores me.
If you are interested
in adopting Sophie,
please call Karla at
503-779-4999 and
leave a message.
Please do not
contact Senior Dog
Rescue about Sophie. See Sophie’s profile