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Looking for a friend to snuggle
with on Halloween night? These
microchipped pups are some of the
dogs available through Senior Dog
Rescue of Oregon:

SAFEHAVEN 541-928-2789 • HEARTLAND 541-757-9000 • SENIOR DOG RESCUE 541-224-2488



Home Safe at Halloween

Halloween is fun for humans, but
the costumes, decorations and
doorbell ringing can be frightening
for pets. More pets go missing on
Halloween than any other night.
Now is a perfect time to make
sure your pet has a collar, tag and
microchip in case he or she is lost
or runs away. Did you know?

Approximately 52% of lost dogs
with microchips are reunited
with their families, compared to
just 22% of dogs without chips.


Over 38% of lost cats with
microchips are recovered, while
only 2% (!!!) without chips
return to their families.


A microchip is a tiny device
smaller than a grain of rice. It
provides peace of mind to you
and greater safety for your pet.
It must be registered online in a
quick and simple process.

Contact your vet for information.

DOG is a youthful 12-year-old lab
mix who would love a home for
Halloween because he loves to help
pass out candy!

MEET suGar

If you would like
more information or
to adopt any of the
animals featured in
today’s All About
Pets please call

Sweet Sugar is a snuggly 10-yearold Chihuahua who is looking for a
new best friend to cuddle with on
our cool autumn nights.

Mighty Zeus is an
Puggle. Though he

PO Box 1051 Philomath, OR 97370


is mostly blind, he
is easy-going and
loves other dogs and
kids. Zeus has diabetes which is well
managed with insulin.