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Let our office introduce you to one of the fastest growing
dental products in North America: Mini Dental Implants!
*Mini Dental Implants are great for replacing missing teeth and stabilizing dentures
*This quick, minimally invasive procedure will give you back your smile
*Regain your confidence at a fraction of the cost of standard implants.



Are you tired of
missing teeth or MDI Implan
loose dentures?
Want your tongue
to touch the roof
of your mouth?
Why can Mini Dental Implant
Technology be a better option
than “regular implants”?

Benefits of Mini Implants:
- Micro Surgery; Faster Procedure
- No Cutting; No Stitches
- Quick Recovery; Immediate Use
- Less Expensive
- Less Bone Required
- No Bone Graft Needed
- More Suitable for those with
other medical issues

Lower jaw

How are Mini Dental
Implants Placed?

Mini Dental Implants are placed quickly and easily with a minor
surgical procedure. The dentist uses a small amount of local anesthetic
and makes a pin-sized puncture in the gum and jaw. The Mini Implant
is then threaded gently and carefully into the jaw bone. The heads
of the implants protrude from the gum tissue and provides ball
attachments for securing Dentures or Crowns and Bridges to replace
Missing Teeth. This one step procedure involving minimally invasive
surgery, will have you smiling through the best years of yours life.

Contact Dr. Linda Selby today and ask about a
FREE Mini Dental Implant Evaluation


Small and less expensive?

Mini dental implants represent a smaller version of the Dental Implant. In medicine we are striving for more precise and less invasive
procedures. Small means easier for you and almost no recovery time. Great option for patients that were denied treatment with older large
sized implants that needed bone grafting.