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Beat tHe Heat!

Hot WeatHer tips for pet oWners
pet’s paw pads- A good
Heartland Humane Society
test is to hold the back of
wants to give you some
your hand to the surface;
tips to keep your pets cool
if you can’t keep it there
during the heat:
for more than 5 seconds it
• Keep water bowls full
is too hot for your pet!
of cool, fresh water and
leave them in shaded • Light-colored pets or
those with thin hair can
get sunburned- check
• Provide shaded areas for
with your veterinarian
pets to rest in.
about applying sun screen
• Utilize a “kiddy pool” or
to protect them.
misting hose for dogs to
If you see a pet locked
cool off in.
in a vehicle in warm
• Exercise in the cool of the
morning or at dusk – not
during the heat of the day
• Do not leave pets
unattended outside when
it gets hot – bring pets
• Cars can quickly heat
up to 120 degrees
even with the windows
cracked- leave your
pets at home when you
run errands
• The sun can heat up
metal truck beds and
sidewalks and burn your

weather or suspect an
emergency situation has
developed, contact the
pet’s owner if possible or Meet Blazer - Hi there, my name
call the appropriate law is Blazer. I’m a beautiful Siberian
Husky mix. I’m just about the
Corvallis Police
Department and
Animal Control


perfect age, at 5 years old-- I’ve
outgrown my puppy phase, but I
still have plenty of energy left to
run and play with my new family!

Benton County
Animal Control

Benton County
Sheriff’s Office


Meet Smokey – I am a 6
year old grey spayed female
with beautiful eyes. I’m just
plain good company. If you
are looking for a steady
companion, look no further!