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Meet Kobe

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Walking Trails

The weather is certainly improving and so it is a
good time to take your furry pal for nice walks in

Kobe is a 45 pound, 10-year old black lab beagle mix. He
is the sweetest dog!! Kobe gets along well with children
of all ages. He gets along with all dogs and loves to be
part of a pack. He’s not so fond of cats, though, and has
a strong prey drive. See Kobe’s full profile at: https://

Meet Rizo

the woods around Corvallis. A good reference for
these walks is Corvallis Trails by Margie Powell.
The book lists twenty eight walks in and around
Corvallis and an additional twenty two walks
further out.The trail descriptions tell one if the walk
would be good for both you and your pal. As I have
stressed in the past, walks with the pup are good
for both of you. One important thing to remember,
though, is this time of year is tick time. These nasty
arachnids are often found in tall grass or on low
hanging bushes so after the walk be sure to check

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This little fella is Rizo, an 11-year-old “adorable and affectionate
little jet black chihuahua/dachshund mix”. Rizo is a dog who
wants nothing more than to be right next to his (adult) person.
He is looking for a new home because his owner is relocating…
See Rizo’s full profile at:

Meet Sadie

your furry walking companion for unwanted riders.
Also, you can obtain tick prevention meds from
your local veterinarian. Finally, a good idea is to
see you don’t have any nasty creatures attached. So,
good walking this summer.

PO Box 1051 Philomath, OR 97370


Sadie is a beautiful 9-year-old, sweet & loving 60lb
black lab. She enjoys spending her days sunbathing in
the yard, going on leash walks, and playing with other
dogs. See Sadie’s full profile at: https://www.petfinder.