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Meet CupCake

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Senior Dogs:
What To Know Before
You Adopt

When you adopt a senior dog for that pup’s
forever home there are some things that should
be understood. Older dogs provide love and
affection as well as almost always being well
trained. That said, a senior dog may also have
some health related issues that come about from
aging. The first line of defense is to find out if
the pup has any aging problems. Hopefully, the
agency from whom you adopt the dog has that
information. One problem that an older dog
may have, just like a human, is arthritis. I have
written before about signs of that problem, such
as difficulty in standing up and not wanting
to go on walks. Your vet should be able to give
advice but glucosamine-chondroitin are often
helpful. Taking weight off the dog is a very good
idea. You should first consult your vet before any
treatment. Once the health issues are eliminated
or reduced, time for a good walk.

Meet Jazzy

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Cupcakes are sweet and so is this 5.5 year-old German
Shepherd dog mix, Here are some things her owner has
told us about her: “Cupcake is the absolute sweetest
dog! She loves her people. See Cupcake’s full profile at:


Jazzy is a 12 and half year old, 70 pound purebred Labrador
Retriever. She is spayed and current on shots. She does
okay with other dogs but needs a little time. See Jazzy’s full
profile at:

Meet LuCy

Hello, I’m Lucy!! I am a young at heart 13-year-old
Cockapoo that wants to be your next cuddle buddy.
I lived with my first Dad until I was 13, when he
had to go into assisted living. See Lucy’s full profile