Alonzo Ranch

Harrisburg High's Alonzo Ranch, seen here defending Santiam Christian's Grant Carley, is the perfect role player for the Eagles. 

Mark Ylen, Mid-Valley Media

Alonzo Ranch is a basketball coach’s dream.

"He works hard, sets screens, plays great defense, rebounds and never complains about how many shots he gets," Harrisburg boys basketball coach Tim Yokum said of the senior forward. "We don’t run many plays for him, but he gets about 15 points and eight or nine rebounds a game."

With just three regular-season games remaining, Harrisburg (16-5, 7-1 Mountain Valley Conference) shares first place in the league standings with Coquille (17-5, 7-1). The teams have already split their season series.

Ranch’s rebounding skills and all-around hustle have contributed greatly to the Eagles’ success.

"Alonzo is long, strong and has quick feet. He’s one of our better defenders and usually guards the best or second best player on the other team," Yokum said. "He just battles and battles and sometimes gets two or three rebounds on a single play. Even in practice, he’ll be the one dripping sweat when everybody else is just getting warm."

Ranch sat down with the Democrat-Herald to talk about the season and his life in general.

Q: How far do you think the basketball team can go this year?

Ranch: "We can go all the way. It's just how much work we want to put in and putting all the pieces together."

Q: What's the most rebounds you have ever gotten in a game and the most in a single possession?

Ranch: "20, and probably four or five."

Q: Would you rather get a big offensive putback or shoot a 3-pointer.

Ranch: "Probably a putback. It makes the other team feel worse giving up easy points like that."

Q: You played on the football team that won the 3A state championship in the fall, do you like (football) more than basketball?

Ranch: "I like basketball better, I've been playing it a lot longer. But, I love football too."

Q: What position did you play on the football team?

Ranch: "I played defensive safety, I played some wide receiver, oh, I was the kicker and I also punted."

Q: What do you do in the spring?

Ranch: "I do track… I run the 100 meters, the 200 meters, the 4X100 relay and I long jump."

Q: What do you do in the summer?

Ranch: "Train, basically. Work and train and try to keep in shape and not lose muscle."

Q: I understand that you live in Junction City but commute to Harrisburg? Why?

Ranch: "We're a close knit group. I already had a lot of friends in Harrisburg because we played Pop Warner when I was younger. So, I had a good bond with a lot of these guys."

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Q: What do you and the guys do when you hang out?

Ranch: "We play a lot of video games. We go fishing. A lot of the guys go hunting."

Q: What's your favorite sports moment?

Ranch: "I like Michael Jordan's flu game. When he was playing with the flu and had a crazy game. I can't even imaging playing like that."

Q: How old were you when they played that game?

Ranch: "I wasn't born yet. I've watched the whole game on NBA Classics."

Q: Where were you born?

Ranch: "Eugene. I moved to Junction City when I was 1."

Q: Are you a duck or a beaver?

Ranch: "I'm a duck."

Q: Who is your role model?

Ranch: "I'd say my dad. He's really been through a lot in his life and he helped me become the guy that I am today, and I'm thankful for that."


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