Jefferson First seeks recall of Mayor Hightower because of her nepotism, authoritarian overstepping and failure as a leader. The recall process exists for this exact situation. The mayor does not serve the people of Jefferson, she serves her personal agenda.

The mayor must disclose a conflict of interest, refrain from discussion, and recuse herself from voting when her spouse is involved. Instead she engaged in nepotism by allotting significant council time to a SunShot grant application by her husband. She repeated this failure during the LUBA sessions in July and August. After hearing opposing testimony by her husband, Mayor Hightower cast a “no” vote rather than recusing herself.

In April the mayor changed council meeting visitor rules without prior council consent. The public lost its opportunity to give timely insight about city matters. Mayor Hightower also ended a Jefferson tradition of public input during topic discussion. Prior to her changes, during council discussions visitors could question or comment on city business by raising their hands and being called upon. Mayor Hightower has stifled public input.

Seven months after taking office the mayor still shows little aptitude for her primary responsibility as the mayor — managing city council meetings. Councilors speak over one another in confusion due to lack of guidance. The chaos results in topics left unclear, redundantly rehashed, or needlessly delayed in resolution.

Mayor Hightower does not serve the people of Jefferson. Please join me in voting “yes” to recall Mayor Hightower.

Audrey Webster

Jefferson (Aug. 25)


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