If there is a race to see which state can top California as the most idiotic example of liberal bone-headism, Oregon is now in the lead.

Oregon liberal left wing lunatics voted into state offices have now legalized murder through free abortions for all Oregon citizens and illegal immigrants. With no requirements of proof of citizenship or state residency the door is open for anyone — nationwide or maybe even worldwide — wanting to kill a human being before they are born to just come to Oregon.

Best of all, Katy Brown is forcing we the people of Oregon to pay for it, like it or not.

Hooray for Governor Brown, this will surely guarantee her nomination to the feminist left wing lunatic hall of fame. Having the government step in to finance abortion for anyone in the United States and maybe even overseas is a sure sign that the life of the fetus isn't something Oregonian left wing liberal lunatics have any concern about. This is more reason to cheer on whatever cataclysm might occur to cause the West Coast to be reestablished at least 200 miles further east.

Who is to blame for the Oregon political swamp mess? "We the People" for having our head where the sun never shines when we vote. Let the light shine for once and remember Katy and her minions next election.

Don Nelson

Lebanon (Aug. 18)


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