I wrote the following some time ago in regards to the finger-pointing and hatred that continues to develop in our country and within our communities. I feel it is appropriate to send the message again as I see this tone continues. I can only hope that those that read this message, reflect on their own personal life and behaviors, and apply the principles of the message into their daily life. 

For some time, we have heard from our many news media outlets how divided we are as a nation. After reading editorials from newspapers and letters to the editor it appears to me that what divides us most is ourselves. From the acidic tone, choice of words and phrases that many of these editorials and letters use toward others, it is no wonder relationships are strained or why we fear each other.

When did it become accepted in our society to use words of hatred or publicly assault another person to justify one’s opinion? In many cases the person that is accusing the other person is doing exactly what is they don’t like themselves.

Having a difference of opinion is good, and can be very healthy and productive if some discipline is used. Maybe if we just focused on good values, common goals, showed some compassion, humbleness and respect for each other it would move us a little closer.

The old saying, “You can attract more bees with honey vs. vinegar,” just might be the best antidote during these stressful times. Other than a little effort, the cost is free. But the benefits each of us will reap as a person and for our community are huge.

Bob Dalton

Sweet Home (Aug. 27)


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