Sometimes the nightly news is getting to the point where one asks: What the heck?!

Channel 12 news aired a story about a pedestrian hit and killed on Division Street in Portland. While showing the reporter with the camera pointed toward the spot of the accident, one could see another pedestrian crossing through busy traffic, no crosswalk visible, and nothing said by the reporter.

Several years ago the brilliant minds in Salem passed a law, where cars (eg: drivers) were supposed to stop for pedestrians, thereby absolving pedestrians of any responsibility. The premise was, a person wanting to cross the street was to hold up their arm to alert drivers, and some good-hearted driver would stop, hoping not to get hit from behind. 

People are taking their lives into their hands walking out into traffic. They don't look either way and are often playing with their phones!

The Legislature made this problem and should correct it by going back to the days of common sense! Those crossing the street need to stop, look both ways, hold up their arm and wait for traffic to stop.

Speed limits mean nothing. No officers to patrol anywhere. The "saturation patrol sting" means that one officer on duty is it. Government laid off all they could to save money.

So, anarchy prevails. Crime is rampant. I really have to commend the few police officers left, as they keep the jails full, only to see offenders released. When the criminals do get to court they get their hand slapped and are back on the street.

If humans are the most intelligent species on the planet now, what's left?

Ray Phillips

Lebanon (Feb. 1)


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