When are responsible Americans going to recognize the complete unsuitability of Donald Trump for the high office he now holds? He's proven himself to be an inveterate liar, backstabber, distorter of the truth, waffler and diplomatic catastrophe, whose third-grade playground taunting of Kim Jong Un could find us in a nuclear confrontation with North Korea.

When he opens his pie hole in public and spews outlandish claims, history and geography according to Trump, and the usual lies and unfounded accusations, I often wonder: "How much formal education has this man actually had?" Trump is a disgrace to the office of President of the United States, and denigrates the positive accomplishments of past successful administrations.

In less than one year, Trump has made America a laughingstock in the world community. Even some of our staunchest allies are wondering if the U.S. will honor its alliances. The Master of Deflection, Trump, in trouble, will engineer fake news in an attempt to draw public attention from the real problem — e.g., Flynn's cooperation with the Mueller probe (bad news for Trump and his toadies) — so now we have the red herring of Tillerson being shown the door.

Deflection! Sorry, Donnie-boy, not gonna work. Your days at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are numbered!

Douglas Bauer

Albany (Dec. 20)


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