Susan Angland assails the main stream media for focusing on Trump’s character rather than his policies and achievements. She feels their bias fosters a level of “hatred and revulsion” reserved for reality TV, and that it is disrespectful of Trump and his supporters.

Well, Ms. Angland, let us review the record. Mr. Trump has not achieved anything beyond a large handful of executive orders, most overturning his predecessor’s. He has squandered taxpayer money on numerous trips to his properties, insulted other world leaders and members of both political parties, defended an accused pedophile, refuses to acknowledge meddling in our democracy by a hostile power, jousted with another nuclear armed megalomaniac, lied to the American people on numerous occasions, and routinely demonstrates to most rational observers that he is totally unfit for the position he holds.

If that is not the plot line for a reality TV show, then someone in Hollywood or New York is missing a great opportunity. Why should the “so called” mainstream media hog all of the ratings? Perhaps it is because this presidency is, sadly, reality.

Kenneth R. England

Albany (Nov. 27)


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