Donald Trump never got voted president because he was a fraud like Kenneth R. England said (Mailbag online, Jan. 20). He was voted president because Americans and Republicans were sick and tired of the Democrat's lies and doing nothing and seeing our great country fall apart under the Clintons and Obamas.

Everyone knows lying Bill was having sex with everyone, and lying crooked Hillary was scooping the money from their phony foundation into their own accounts. The Obamas had an eight-year vacation on us taxpayers and put our country in deep debt more than all the other presidents combined. 

They never kept our military up, just let it turn into junk. Obama hates Americans and Hillary sold our uranium to our enemy. How stupid. And to rig the election and blame the Russians.

There is so much corruption, even in the FBI. I hope all the crooks get prison time. They deserve it. They should not be treated any better than the average Joe. 

And let's get rid of the two loony tunes, Schumer and Pelosi. No matter what President Trump would do to better America they want to see him fail. Because all the Democrats have failed.

Thank you for Fox News, the real news, and thank you for President Trump, for all he's already done in his first year, and for making America great again. Support our president.

Nadine Coyne

Foster (Jan. 21)


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