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Dr. Robert Harris' (Mailbag, March 25) letter highlighting eight points of "complicity" when a citizen does not support  "reasonable" firearms limits, was right on the money.

I say this as a gun owner and hunter. Most of my fellow gun owners feel the same way. Only about 7 percent of gun owners belong to the firearms manufacturer-controlled National Rifle Association. I terminated my membership years ago. The NRA does not speak for the majority of gun owners.

When you hear somebody say, "But they are going to take away our guns," and you do not speak up, you are being complicit in propagating the fear that the NRA has been using to brainwash citizens. The NRA has fought virtually all common-sense firearms legislation for over 20 years, emphasizing that all legislation will lead to a "slippery slope," culminating in the confiscation of all guns.

In reality, the United States, by some estimates, has as many privately owned guns as there are privately owned guns in the rest of the world! Who or what entity could ever actually take away our guns?

So, when somebody gives you the line, "They're gonna take away our guns!" simply reply, "Who is going to take away our guns?" Usually they will come up with something like, "The government." Then ask, "Who in the government is about to take away our millions of guns? Tell them, like many other well-intentioned people, they have been taken advantage of by firearms manufacturers and the NRA, and have been "complicit" up until now, "but now that you know, I hope you become part of the solution."

Please support common-sense firearms legislation!

Bert Guptil, M.Ed.



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