Re: Mr. Bob Harris' letter about gun data (Mailbag, Jan. 2):

We all know statistics can be skewed pretty much in any direction, and then the opposing readers can point out flaws in those figures.

Mr. Harris, this all boils down to a simple idea, "If I obey the law and cause no harm, leave my life alone." That is the view of lawful gun owners. Freedom should be 100 percent locked for a person who doesn't misuse it.

Maybe you love your car or SUV or some hobby. Do you want those items regulated, taxed and controlled until it finally goes beyond and interferes with your normal and lawful use of them?

Do you want politicians, who have no understanding of normal people's lives — like Senator Wyden, who couldn't name the cost of a gallon of milk a few years ago — coming up with those rules?

And then you make a blanket statement, "a review is highly unlikely for anyone steeped in the falsehoods and misrepresentations of the NRA, GOA and other advocacy groups for gun manufacturers and (those) who believe their myths about guns in America."

That can be said of your view as well: you, being steeped in the falsehoods and myths against the NRA, GOA and other advocacy group for gun manufacturers and those who believe in their views about guns in America.

See how that fits just as accurately?

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (Jan. 2)


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