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I hear, once again, the push to infringe on my Second Amendment rights to own a so-called assault weapon; so-called only because of its looks. Should we label and outlaw assault hammers and assault cars because of looks and what people have done with them? This so-called assault rifle is legal to hunt deer with, good for varmint hunting and great for shooting tin cans. It is the same as any other semi-automatic rifle with a different look.

I believe that our current problem with violence is a breakdown in our families and the result of our government and schools discouraging personal responsibility and morals and not enforcing the law.

Parents, are you aware that our local schools spend more than a week of seventh grade history teaching a warm and fuzzy version of the religion of Islam. Check the textbook for yourself and then remove your kids from the session. This is not education, it's indoctrination.

I think if schools taught the U.S. Constitution, accurate history, peersonal responsibility and job skills there would be a lot less violence in this country. They could find the time by not teaching false religion, foreign language and immoral values.

The early West was a wild and violent place until family, church and education was brought here and it became a great place to live.

Folks, if we begin to lose our Second amendment rights, all other rights will not be far behind. What Constitutional rights are you willing to give up because others don't understand why you enjoy them?

Mark Nofziger




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