Ms. Schlim, I didn't mean to say that you were paranoid, just that your source was not reliable (Mailbag, Oct. 6). It was Nika Khrushcev who made that statement in 1960, at the U.N. However, he also called JFK to avert war over the Cuban Missile Crisis, which wasn't revealed by the one person who knew, Robert McMamara, until after his death. He made up the "Stare until the other person blinks," comment, which has been disastrous foreign policy advice: but I digress.

As for the cancelling of home ec and trade classes in school, I agree completely with you about that. For the changes of direction, After WWII, universities started to remove funds from home ec, and spent more on the sciences. High schools tended to follow suit. Also, unsuitable Secretaries of Education in the Cabinet, like Tom Tancredo from the Reagan presidency, didn't make wise choices.

We also need to look at the textbooks, and Texas' role in that. Their state board of education somehow wound up with the approval of textbooks. I'm not sure how, but the textbooks have been altered to suit the views of the board over the decades. Science, history, and more have been changed in the text books.

More recently, the Texas schools have been putting false quotes on the walls, supporting the idea that we were founded as a Christian nation: fake quotes from Reagan, Benjamin Franklin, even Moses. Not a culture to trust with my country.

Rick Siegert

Lebanon (Oct. 6)


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