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Reference: Mr. John Goodwin's letter “Let's vote out all Republicans” (Mailbag, April 3):

Yes, vote out all the Republicans, and then we can have true Democratic Socialist Rule, officially called Communism! Sounds reasonable.

I will agree with Mr. Goodwin, our nation does sponsor human sacrifice. It is called abortion, and now it is sanctioned in Oregon as a right, as there are free abortions for anyone coming into our state and asking for one. And guess who picks up the tab? There are 1,600,000 babies aborted in these United States each year. That is 4,383 per hour, 183 per minute.

Yes, I agree with one statement that Mr. Goodwin made, “We are being defeated as a nation by our inaction and surrender of our ideals.” But I will add also by surrendering our morals.

Mr. Goodwin states since 1995 about seven teens or kids are, killed every day with guns. How many babies have been butchered in the same time frame?

I am quoting you again, “The Constitution is about protecting life and liberty. But liberty shouldn't be allowed to destroy life. That’s a perversion.” Shouldn’t protection of life also apply to the unborn?

Shirley Drum



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