The opinion masters of Main Stream Media (MSM) are demonstrating and fostering a level of hatred and revulsion toward our president that is typically only seen on reality TV shows.

While these so-called newscasters berate the president for making comments “beneath” the office of the presidency, they belittle themselves and their profession with their vitriol.

I believe a large percentage of the public is more disgusted by the MSM’s lack of respect for the office of the presidency and respect for the president’s supporters. Their shameful and juvenile behavior only raises the public’s level of mistrust and repulsion for the media and makes the media not only the enemy of the president but the enemy of the American people.

It’s deceitful for those reporting the news to focus on the president’s character in lieu of policies and real achievements. If the MSM believes the public is buying their lies and propaganda, they will again be taken by surprise at the next upcoming elections!

Decency and honesty in media coverage needs to be restored, but as long as these outlets are owned by interests that don’t serve the public, we will continue to see more of the same.

Susan Angland

Sweet Home (Nov. 24)


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