Repeal Oregon Senate Bill (SB) 719 , a gun confiscation bill that passed the Oregon Senate. There is only a short window to gather enough signatures to challenge it and get it repealed.

Oregon SB 719 calls for the forced confiscation of property by the police with NO due process, NO accusation or conviction of a crime. SB 719 allows people with NO mental health credentials to make assessments of other's states of mind and it allows people with no mental health credentials (judges) to punish people they have never met or spoken to. The law authorizes "extreme risk protection orders," which temporarily forbid a person from possessing or purchasing weapons if the person is deemed an imminent threat to themselves or others. The law provides no guidance for the police who are tasked with confiscating the firearms of the person who has not been accused of or tried for a crime.

Wait, it gets worse: Gov. Kate Brown stalled the signing of this bill into law which greatly limits the amount of days to gather signatures, thus depriving Oregonians of their constitutional rights.

Get active: go to You can read Senate Bill 719 for yourself; then get the petition — read the instructions, follow them carefully; sign the petition and send it to the address shown before October, when this law goes into effect!

Pete Ready

Albany (Sept. 7)


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