Unfortunately, after being bullied and harassed by a small pack of Jefferson residents, the three newly elected council members have resigned. Part of this harassment was the filing of an ethics complaint. This strategy is often used by opponents to force legal cost upon their targets to encourage them to resign under pressure even though there is little basis for the complaint.

Like many public agencies, complaints need to be acted upon, so it is a good tool to use. The newspapers pick up on it, you get free press to smear your opponents, so it is a plus to move your agenda forward. I think this is what people are referring to as being “ fake news.”

Newly elected Mayor Hightower is standing her ground and hopefully the voters of Jefferson appreciate her willingness not to buckle under the pressure the special interest group is applying and vote “NO” on the recall. It is important for the voters to take a close look at the lap dogs in this group headed by Audrey Webster and note who they are representing.

The real losers in this whole event are the citizens of Jefferson. For the 15-plus years I have been around the politics in this community, the citizens have been subsidizing development when they shouldn’t be. With the old guard regaining control, there is no chance of lowering the sewer/water rates, putting 5th Street through to Hazel, establishing a well-suited park for the residents in the southeast, or implementing a transportation SDC to absorb some of the cost incurred by development.

To repeat the words of Supreme Court Justice Roberts, “You get what you vote for.”

Dennis Person

Jefferson (Aug. 23)


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