Over the past few days, we have all witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The impact has been beyond anyone’s imagination.

Our son, Matthew, a West Albany High School graduate, his wife, Rachel, and their children live in a suburb of Houston. Within their housing development, residents were forced to evacuate due to rising water. Luckily, Matthew and Rachel were on high enough ground and the floodwaters did not enter their home. Currently Matt and Rachel are providing housing for a displaced family. They are still on a bit of an island, but are fine with enough food to last for a few days.

Matthew reported today that his neighbor used his personal boat to rescue 100 stranded individuals. Private citizens are helping out where they can, but the task is great.

According to Rachel, she suspects that 90 peercent of her family members and friends will be impacted by water in their homes. A family friend’s house was hit by a tornado on the first night. They had moved in only a few months prior.

We in the valley are no strangers to floods. On behalf of the people of Texas, I urge you to consider contributing whatever you can to relief efforts. More than anything, they need financial support. Whether through the Red Cross or any other reputable source, your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Texas was there for the residents of Louisiana following Katrina. Now they need help.

Denise Croy

Albany (Aug. 31)


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