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I was driving home on Highway 20 to my 5 acres of rock, mud, and poison oak in Lacomb, and as I turned off on Highway 226, I entered what my wife calls the "Glory Corridor," a half mile of cottonwoods before and after the bridge over the south fork (Santiam River).

The cottonwoods are turning green and smell wonderful. At the east end of the corridor there is a tall pole with a big nest dedicated to ospreys. It is really interesting watching the little ones grow and learn to hunt.

As I turned into our yard there is a great big camellia bush just bursting with blossoms next to our huge rhodie bush, just waiting to bloom.

And, joy of joys, the hummers are back! We are waiting for the butterflies to grace us again and all this is to say: can summer and warm weather be far behind?

As a spiritual Hawaiian and an ex-Maui-ite(?), I can only say, "Hallelujah!"

John Penrod



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