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We have watched the degradation of this paper over the past couple of years until it is best described now as dismal. It has become irrationally anti-Trump and reliably fake news. (Fake news is a news story that uses nuances and word selection in an attempt to get the reader to conclude what the author wishes rather than what the facts of the story support.)

The Washington Post has long been the infamous leader in this practice but the Democrat-Herald is like an aping sycophant and, in fact, publishes Post articles ad nauseam. The D-H story today (Jan. 16) on “Trump’s History with Racial Comments’ is exemplary. When Trump correctly states that Mexico is not sending its best people, or that Haiti and some African countries are far less than great, it is not racist, it is fact!

Are most Mexicans, Haitians, and those from African countries good people? Yes. But is it racist to think we should try to screen who comes here? No. It is stupid not to! It is comical to the point of sadness that Trump is called racist because he chided Sen. Elizabeth Warren on her made-up Indian heritage. Which is the more racist: to make up an Indian heritage to dupe voters and get elected, or to joke about Sen. Warren for doing such a scurrilous act?

I don’t know about you, but I would like to hear the unbiased facts of the story and decide on my own if it is racist. We will have to look elsewhere.

Ben Lazorti

Albany (Jan. 16)


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