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Well, Donnie-boy, the noose is getting ever tighter. Just what is it Putin and the Russkies have on you?

With your history of philandering, groping and extramarital affairs, one needn't think too hard on it. It's become painfully obvious you, President Trump, are a mere puppet of a major foreign adversary and are powerless to do anything about it. Your administration is a farce and a major embarrassment for Americans everywhere: more waffling comes out of your pie hole than at IHOP; your egotism knows no bounds; not a truthful word comes out of the White House these days. I would ask you to do America a favor and step down, but the present chain of succession to the presidency offers no relief.

Unfortunately, the United States will be burdened with your lies and your brainless minions and toadies for the foreseeable future. "Robert Mueller for President"!

Douglas Bauer

Albany (Feb. 21)


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