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Almost daily we read articles about women being attacked sexually; individuals being charged with hate crimes of all kinds. The shooting in Florida is certainly a tragedy and one that demands the attention of politicians at every level of government as well as our various law enforcement entities. I don't think additional gun control is the answer but certainly the ban, nationally, of all assault rifles and "bump stocks" should take effect as soon as practicable.

However, I believe the real cause for most of the above is the fragmentation of the nuclear family. We, as a nation, have seemingly lost our moral compass. Truth is no longer absolute. What is truth for you and me may not be truth for others.

We were, as a nation, founded on Biblical, Christian/Judeo beliefs, but we have strayed far from that by compromising those beliefs right across the whole spectrum of life. Let us get back to praying for our leaders at every level; let us get back to praying for each other; let us love one another as commanded in the Bible.

Floyd Bacon

Albany (Feb. 28)


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