The rush is on to create more laws concerning firearms. Emotional cries are rampant and secondary to any logic or common sense. A recent D-H article just reported on 76 pounds of methamphetamine being confiscated. I remember when a law removed Sudafed from over the counter purchase to eliminate the manufacture of meth. We currently have laws against the manufacture, distribution and sale of this illegal and destructive drug. Do we need more laws?

Remember the woman from Oregon who in 2015 drove her car onto a sidewalk in Las Vegas killing one and injuring 37? Do we need background checks before issuing drivers licenses? Should you have to pass multiple government tests before you can purchase an automobile? If you suffer from depression should the government confiscate your car? Maybe the government should place speed governors on each vehicle produced to limit their speed to 65 miles per hour. Why should anyone be able to purchase a vehicle with the capability to drive it at 120 miles per hour when there are no roads available to drive that fast and it is against the law? Perhaps we should ban all automotive aftermarket speed and performance parts.

Think about the near future, they are designing self driving cars and semi-trucks. There are no self shooting firearms.

As you can clearly see all the discussions about further laws and restrictions on firearms could also be had for automobiles. The plain and simple fact is that laws do not stop the truly evil people that live among us from doing what they want. More laws will not create utopia. Life is inherently dangerous.

John Robinson

Albany (Oct. 8)


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