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The National Surface Transportation Board, the successor to the ICC, is absolutely clear that thou shalt not lose any part of a load.

So why are straw haulers above the law? They clog up storm drains and culverts, creating more burdens on road workers and sweepers. Straw gets stuck in our radiators and it continues to prick at our paint jobs after they are long gone. Woe to those who get stuck behind one of those babies for long. I hope you don't have to have your window down on a hot day. I did: took a passing one right in the face.

This egregious practice is just plain rude and blatantly obnoxious as well. I guess the haulers aren't farmers because they say that farmers are stewards of the land. But not roads?

Biodegradable you say? Then why does it never really go away? Technically, so is lumber. Even Joe Citizen has to tarp their load going to the dump. Why? It's the law. It's called littering.

Given his background I was hoping Rep. Andy Olson might take up this cause, but maybe Ms. Boshart-Davis can as part of her campaign, given her background.

And Andy, it was a pleasure to serve concurrently with you, and you will be missed. Great job. I wish there were more like you.

Chris Schaffner

Tangent (May 2)


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