Ms. Marilyn Taggert Schlim's letter (Mailbag, Oct. 3) about J. Edgar Hoover and warnings of Communism brings up a lot of unpleasant history from the early 50's.

This was a time when the paranoid House of Un-American Activities terrorized and destroyed many people. Not because they were guilty of anything, but because they were different. Sen. Joe McCarthy was the strong leader of that witch hunt until he was brought down by people seeing his manipulation and realizing that he was cruel and power crazed. Sadly, his main aid, Roy Cohn became Donald Trump's mentor in the 70's.

This was also the time when many of the same people thought that President Eisenhower was a Communist, and part of an ongoing conspiracy!

As for J.Edgar Hoover, he was a very troubled, paranoid individual, who used blackmail and coercion to keep the political leaders off his back. 48 years of leading the FBI gave him a lot of sensitive information. His FBI conducted covert operations, had warrant-less surveillance of Civil Rights leaders and anti-Vietnam protestors, etc.

He was not someone who I would trust, without a lot of additional information.

Rick Siegert

Lebanon (Oct. 4)


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