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This letter gives support to Greater Albany Public Schools Superintendent Jim Golden. Jim has agreed to changes to get better test scores from students in exchange for the $100 million yearly costs. The "school system" of administrators and unions tells us everything is fine —we just need more time. Jim knows that changes in people, methods and emphasis are urgently required and has demanded those changes be made. I don't know the actual charges filed against him, but the intransigents have complained about him since he was hired.

I am sick of the newspaper reporting Sue McGrory's comments charging Jim with "creating a culture of fear and intimidation" with no supporting information. The Democrat-Herald's practice of not reporting actual charges and reporting unsubstantiated blather from the union is deplorable. Jim is trying to correct decades of low academic performance and is being hobbled by this newspaper and union political correctness.

Tom Cordier

Albany (April 26)


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