I feel I must respond to Mr. Felde's letter concerning my take of current affairs (Mailbag, Nov. 23).

He uses insults like “loony” that you would hear on a playground. If the president gets no credit for the economy, how can he say Obama brought it back slowly — of course, so slowly it was considered stagnant by the Fed for eight years?

Metrics don’t lie. The Fed has raised its rate three times and will do so again and again as the economy strengthens. The fake news about unemployment decreasing was printed in this very newspaper. Is the D-H fake news as well? Perhaps all the housing I see in Albany and the hammers and saws that wake me up daily are fake too?

So far he has done this without bailouts or trillion dollar stimulus packages that end up in defunct solar companies and Pelosi’s brother-in-law bank account. He speaks of record debt. I believe that honor also goes to the former administration, according to CBS News. Maybe that is fake, too.

Lastly: taxes, my favorite subject. My deduction is going to double if they stop watering down this reform and a real stimulus with money being left in the hands of those who earned it. And the one thing Americans do best is spend. When that happens we create, innovate and grow.

There are dozens more metrics that I could point out, but perhaps some would rather just use name-calling instead.

Michael Stillman

Albany (Nov. 23)


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