Wow! I am blown away by the audacity of the mayor and her J4J group. Last year the J4J group filed a lawsuit against the city of Jefferson and Sarah Cook, the city recorder at the time, because she refused to disobey state law, something she swore to uphold when she took office.

After filing the lawsuit, chief petitioners Stan Neal, Brad Cheney, Bob Burns and Cyndie Hightower, (treasurer), (all four of whom live near the annexation) ran for City Council and won. They should have dropped the lawsuit, because it is a huge conflict of interest to sue the city you represent, but they refused after many times of being asked by the people to do so.

So the recall was born.

The law suit is still going on, and now has cost the city over $40,000. The three other City Council members have resigned, but Mayor Hightower has refused and is now costing us further to recall her.

Now she says she is feeling bullied, harassed and intimidated.

Leadership comes with a price.The price is being able to stand up knowing that you are right. Draining the city's funds for one's own personal reasons is not right.

She is appealing to the people to feel sorry for her.This is not leadership.

Vote "yes" on the recall and stop the depletion of the city's funds.

Cathie Harrington

Jefferson (Sept. 7)


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