For those of us who lived through the Cuban missile crisis and the Cold War in general, fear of the unthinkable was ever present. However, in the recesses of our minds, most of us had some reasoned feeling that the men with their fingers on the buttons were rational and not delusional enough to believe that a nuclear exchange was survivable. 

Unfortunately, modern weaponry has evolved to the point that overkill can be accomplished with precision rather than raw power. Hence, even a conventional war on the Korean peninsula would result in hundreds of thousands of casualties and destruction to infrastructure beyond our imagination. 

Unlike the early '60s, I am not so sure that the men empowered with the weaponry to kill millions in Southeast Asia are rational. In fact, I believe that the current duel of personal insults has the potential to trigger an incident that could lead to a catastrophic war.

Trump has yet another opportunity here to step up and be the adult in the room. Slinging personal insults at an insecure and unpredictable sociopath who is armed to the teeth is not the kind of leadership we need.

Of course, it is not the kind of leadership the North Koreans need either. 

Kenneth R. England

Albany (Sept. 25)


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