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I have to comment on Carolyn Webb's letter about Trump's accomplishments (Mailbag, Feb. 12).

Low unemployment happened long before him. Stock markets have been soaring long before he took over. I haven't seen any significant number of companies building in the U.S. in the last year. Two million jobs were created under Obama's presidency. Islamic State may be weakening, but terrorists are monsters with many heads. Tax cuts won't benefit 75 percent of taxpayers while adding to the debt.

I really only want to touch on one topic: Trump is a terrible human being. He attempts to take credit for others' achievements; he blames others for his mistakes; he is argumentative and belittling with no respect for others. Would you want Trump as a friend?

If Trump is doing such a great job, why are his approval ratings so low? Even those who voted for him don't like him.

Many people want to believe fake news. Fake news is: Trump is a good man, because he isn't!

Michael Felde

Albany (Feb. 14)


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