Israel continues stealing Palestinian land and homes, announcing construction of 500 more settler homes in East Jerusalem.

Some see demands for justice as “anti-Semitic,” a term used to silence dissent. Yet many Jews worldwide agree Palestinian rights are trampled; i.e, Israeli Miko Peled, son of 1967 war hero Matti Peled, at last week’s Palestine conference in London, who suggested these demands to Britain’s parliament:

1. Expel the Israeli ambassador and close the Israeli embassy in London.

2. Bring home the British ambassador from Tel-Aviv and close the British embassy there.

3. Designate the sale of arms to Israel a crime against humanity.

4. Adopt the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against the state of Israel and demand the same from the international community.

5. Send British naval forces to force Israel to end the siege on Gaza and ensure regular supplies of clean water, medicine and electricity to the people of Gaza. Provide care for the injured and the sick.

6. Call for the unconditional release of all Palestinian prisoners.

7. Demand the dismantling of the apartheid Zionist state.

8. Call for elections with one person one vote that will include all who reside between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

9. Demand the creation of a constitution that will guarantee equal rights and respect for human rights within the new state of free Palestine.

10. Call on the ICC to consider prosecuting Israeli political leaders and military commanders for the crime of genocide.

This would be justice!

June Forsyth Kenagy

Albany (July 12)


City Editor

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